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Those who are struggling with addiction know that it can be nearly impossible to know where to turn when one is deep in the throes of addiction. Fortunately, for those who must cope with substance dependency all day every day, there is a solution. Essential Recovery, our substance abuse treatment facility in Topeka, Kansas is waiting to get you the help you need by providing you with proven addiction recovery treatments. If you or someone you care about needs help with addiction, consider contacting our drug rehab center at your earliest possible convenience. One of our addiction specialists is standing by and prepared to answer any questions you might have regarding our addiction recovery facility.


At , our friendly and well-informed staff is eager to utilize their extensive experience in order to get you the best possible care. We understand how difficult it can be to take that first step and admit that you need to spend some time in a substance abuse treatment center, and that’s why we make an effort to ensure that all of clients feel entirely welcomed as soon as they enter our drug rehab clinic. From the moment you step foot inside our rehabilitation center, you’ll be considered a part of our recovery family.


The reason we place such an emphasis on this atmosphere of inclusiveness is because of how essential it is that you’re at ease in order to receive the most effective possible care. One of the first tasks you’ll take part in upon entering our rehab is a full intake interview. During this interview, you’ll be asked a wide variety of questions regarding your history of substance abuse, your personal history, and any health concerns you may be aware of. The information our staff learns during this interview will then be used to construct a customized addiction recovery program for you. Naturally, these means it is of paramount importance that you are honest during the interview — both with the counsellor conducting the interview, and with yourself. It is not possible to construct a sufficiently personalized plan unless we have available information, so you must ensure you are being honest.


During the intake interview, we’ll also screen to identify any co-occurring mental health disorders that you might have. The truth is, roughly half of those Americans who struggle with addiction are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder, and many are not even aware. A co-occurring mental disorder is one which afflicts a person who is also dealing with substance dependence. The relationship the two co-occurring disorders have with one another can be extremely complicated, and treating one while neglecting the other can often lead to disastrous complications. Fortunately, at our drug rehab in Topeka, we offer dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment allows our technicians to ensure that both the addiction and the co-occurring  mental health disorder are treated concurrently, thus giving our clients the best possible chance at attaining and maintaining recovery.


At our rehab in Topeka, we provide a full spectrum of therapeutic treatment options. One of the more traditional selections is individual therapy. During these sessions, you’ll meet with one of our experienced and qualified professionals on a one-on-one basis. In addition to individual sessions, we also provide group sessions. During these group sessions, you’ll meet with your peers and share your experiences while learning the wisdom others have to impart. Frequently, these sessions become a favorite of our clients, and can even provide the foundation for a sober support network.


At our rehab facility, we’re waiting to provide you with the care you need to overcome addiction. Don’t hesitate, simply pick up the phone or drop us a line and we’ll get you on the path to recovery. At Essential Recovery in Topeka, Kansas, we’re committed to getting our clients to recovery.

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