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Addiction Recovery Center in Montgomery


Addiction, whether it’s to alcohol or other drugs, may start off slowly, but use often increases quickly and begins to have serious consequences before long, both professionally and personally. As the disease progresses, in many cases, the situation begins to seem hopeless. Our addiction recovery facility in Montgomery, Alabama offers a solution for individuals suffering from this progressive and devastating disease. We give our clients the tools to fight their addictions and successfully return to their lives.



The first step in treating addiction is to address the client’s physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. At this stage, a drug detox clinic is necessary because, after consistent substance abuse, the client’s body chemistry has changed to the point where the body has a serious reaction to the absence of the drug, becoming violently ill or having seizures and hallucinations. This generally eases up after a few days, but skilled professional supervision is very important during this period to avoid any lasting complications.



Once the physical dependence passes, our staff can then begin to make a better assessment of the client’s mental state. Our drug rehab centers focus not only on treating the addiction but also on evaluating, diagnosing, and treating any mental health issues that may be contributing to the whole picture. In these cases, substance use may have masked an underlying problem that caused the substance abuse in the first place. At this point, though, it is not enough to simply treat one or the other. A dual diagnosis program is necessary to address both the addiction and the psychiatric issues.



By evaluating the physical and mental conditions of our clients early in the treatment process, we can anticipate any problems that might occur and follow necessary precautions to prevent them. Everything we do here centers, first, around client and staff safety. Addiction recovery only happens when our clients feel safe and secure. In this way, we create a community atmosphere within the addiction treatment facility among our clients and staff. A cornerstone to lasting recovery is the formation of bonds with others in the community. By learning to form these relationships, our clients can use their personal experiences to connect and help support each other. This way, when clients complete treatment, they have a network of people who support and encourage each other as they experienced in our Montgomery addiction treatment center.



This sense of community creates a warm environment where it becomes easier for clients to speak about their individual history, current situation, and emotional state. Our addiction recovery program focuses on the importance of speaking honestly and encourages our clients to speak about their triggers and fears. Processing these issues in groups and in individual sessions with staff at the drug rehab facility in Montgomery helps prevent future relapses at home by allowing our clients to develop tools for coping without using drugs and alcohol.



Each client has a different set of triggers and personal experiences contributing to their addiction. As we observe their interactions and listen to their concerns, we better understand each client’s particular needs and then formulate an individualized treatment plan. While in the addiction recovery center, our staff tailor the treatment modalities and therapy to provide clients with the specific skills they need in order to be most successful when returning home. We analyze past behaviors to determine future obstacles and help our clients formulate a plan to avoid old habits and reactions, thus providing the best chance for lasting sobriety and health.



Along with monitored detox and inpatient therapy, our substance abuse treatment facility in Montgomery continues to provide services for clients after leaving inpatient treatment. There are multiple options available for aftercare depending on the client’s individual needs and situation, ranging from referrals for support groups in the community to continuing individual or family therapy at one of our facilities. This way, our clients can continue their treatment as they re-enter life outside the treatment center.

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