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An addiction to drugs or alcohol happens over time. It’s a chronic disease that gets worse gradually. Many people are totally unaware of the effects of drugs or alcohol until addiction has begun to wreak havoc in their lives.


For example, it’s often difficult for those with painkiller addictions to see that their pain management habits have become problematic. They may believe that, although they’re taking a prescription a bit more than before, because they’re able to go to work, it’s not a serious issue.


It’s hard to get people to accept they need help. For some, complete and utter devastation commences before the need for help is recognized. Once it’s acknowledged that help is needed, many wonder what the next step will be.


An Addiction Recovery Center Can Help You Become Sober

Only ten percent of people get help for their addiction, there are many factors but one is they don’t know where to turn for treatment. Essential Recovery’s vast network of treatment centers provide rehab for all types of addictions. Each substance abuse treatment facility in our network provides personalized care recommendations.


Assessment at an Addiction Treatment Center

An assessment at our addiction treatment facility in McKinney, Texas determines recommendations for treatment. Factors such as the kind of addiction, how severe it is, finances, family situation, and general physical and mental conditions are assessed. Our full assessment gives you complete knowledge of what exactly you’re dealing with. From there, we work to create a personalized addiction recovery program.


Getting Off Substances in a Drug Detox Clinic

The first step in a drug or alcohol addiction recovery plan is to stop taking the substance. Once all traces of harmful substances are purged from the body, treatment can begin. The process of slowly removing substances is called detox.


As drugs or alcohol leave a person, withdrawal symptoms can occur. The severity of symptoms depends on the substances that were abused, the duration of the addiction, and the severity of it. A person’s age and overall health will also influence withdrawal symptoms.


A home detox isn’t recommended for health and safety reasons. Supervised detoxification in a drug detox clinic is by far the safest method.


Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment at an Addiction Recovery Facility

Residential inpatient treatment has the highest success rates for overcoming addiction.


Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment offers the most intensive form of treatment. Inpatient rehab permits people to begin recovery removed from the triggers and temptations of the outside world. A team of professional addiction specialists are always on hand to offer care and support around-the-clock.


Outpatient Treatment

Finances or outside commitments may not allow someone to stay in residential treatment for weeks or months. In this case, if detox isn’t necessary an outpatient program may be the better choice. Outpatient treatment offers the same therapies and counseling but on a concentrated basis. These programs are less intensive and less costly. Outpatient rehab also allows participants to attend to family or work commitments.


Our Drug Rehab Centers Are Committed to Community-Building and Safety

Both inpatient and outpatient treatment involve group meetings.


Group Counseling

One type of therapy is process groups. In these meetings, you talk about what’s happened in your life. You also discuss how you feel about your experiences. The group joins in to talk about what’s happening as well.


Sharing among group members helps everyone involved. All group members gain perspective on what addiction has put them through. Process groups also help everyone to work through any difficult emotions and thoughts. These honest, candid, and revealing discussions help foster a sense of community and support. Helping one another in recovery creates close bonds and enduring support.


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