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If you are currently engaged in the debilitating, destructive chronic disease of drug addiction, you will need professional and compassionate assistance from addiction specialists like Essential Recovery and our drug rehab center in Jamaica, New York. You can’t do this on your own, but that’s okay. It is a part of the long-term process, the first step being eliminating all denial and admitting to yourself and others that you have a problem, that you can’t control it, and that you can’t overcome it on your own. Once you have admitted this to the world, you will be ready to begin healing and sobriety.



Detoxing at Our Addiction Treatment Center in Jamaica


Once you have overcome denial, it will be time to overcome dependency and expel harmful chemicals that are keeping you addicted. While your body gets rid of toxins, you will go through some painful and unpleasant symptoms. Luckily, with the help of our Jamaica substance abuse center, you will have the guidance and resources you need to ensure that the process is as smooth and comfortable as it can be. With our help, the detox process will be secure and as seamless as possible.



Therapy at Essential Recovery


Then, after detox is finished and your body is fully purged from the chemicals keeping your physically dependent, you will work on the long-term of addiction recovery at our drug rehab clinic in Jamaica. First, you will meet with a personal therapist to begin crafting your individualized addiction treatment program that will be designed to meet all your needs and comprehensively altered to continue meeting them as they evolve. This will include dual diagnosis mental health screening. Nearly half of our clients are not only struggling with drug addiction, but with a mental health disorder that may be keeping you back from living a life without drugs. With the root core of the problem uncovered, whatever it is, you will be able to work towards healing both in individual sessions and group meetings.




Group therapy sessions are extremely beneficial to anyone’s addiction recovery. In these meetings, you will work with others in treatment to help each other heal. During group sessions, you will share your struggles, hear the adversities of others, and exchange valuable advice with one another. The bonds and lessons gained from group therapy will likely stay with you long after you have left our Jamaica addiction recovery facility. It is one of the most integral aspects of treatment.



Sustaining Sobriety on your Own


When you go to leave our rehab center in Jamaica, you will need the resources and guidance of your comprehensive and customized addiction treatment plan. You will never be on your own, we will work with you to make sure you have everything you need to sustain sobriety and keep you healthy and happy. You don’t have to do any of this on your own, you can change your life today forever. All you have to do is call Essential Recovery and set up an appointment at our addiction treatment facility in Jamaica, New York for a free consultation. Today is the day you take your life back.

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